Fragrance Friday- Vera Wang Preppy Princess

If ever there was a scent born of youth, privilege, and style, Vera Wang’s Preppy Princess would be it. Inspired by your Blair Waldorf’s of the world, the newest addition to the Princess Series is fun, fresh, and flirty, bottled.

The image may be prep school, but I assure you that this is a scent for those 20 and 30-somethings out there looking for something bright and flirty.

Deliciously fresh and fruity, the fragrance opens with a bright burst of tangerine, apple, and red berries. Adding balance to the party are the florals, mainly comprised of honeysuckle and jasmine, which gives the fragrance a bit of its depth. Finally, at the base rests coconut and wood, which warm the scent up, and prevent it from smelling too young. I feel like the base is what adds the finishing touch of sophistication that is so synonymous with the prep school girl’s image.

Vera Wang Preppy PrincessThe flacon is as adorable as its predecessors, heart shaped and pretty in blue and pink plaid. The crown-shaped cap comes encrusted in pearls, a little detail that rounds out the fragrance’s image quite nicely.

Preppy Princess is currently available online, on counter, and at your local Sephora. For a fresh new fragrance with a decidedly prep school twist, Vera Wang has got this one nailed. With the launch of Preppy Princess, there is no reason why any gal can’t channel her own internal Gossip Girl.

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