Fragrance Friday- Cleopatra by TOCCA

Every fragrance has a story to tell. This happens to be the story of Tocca’s Cleopatra.

Our setting is Ancient Egypt, circa 47 BC. On a gilded thrown sits Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. Mistress of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra is both stunningly beautiful, and exceptionally brilliant. She ruled the people of Egypt and the hearts of some of the ancient world’s most powerful men, no small accomplishment for a woman of her time. She is fiercely independent and incredibly powerful, yet the embodiment of fierce femininity.

Her signature scent is a musky floral, both rich and complex. Like the women herself, the aroma is a study of contrasts. With top notes of sweet grapefruit and bright cucumber, the fragrance opens with a sweet burst of fruity floral that eventually gives way to a more floral center. Digging deeper into the development and drydown, the fragrance blooms with notes of amber, patchouli, and sensual vanilla musk. Just as Cleopatra’s arresting beauty stopped people in their tracks, so too does Cleopatra the fragrance arrest the senses. What starts as a sweet and floral blend, attracts with a delicate, sweet kind of loveliness, and quickly enthralls and captivates as it develops into something deeper, a more sensual, more mysterious, musky floral.

TOCCA Cleopatra

Just one of the exceptional fragrance offerings from niche brand, Tocca, Cleo is a smoky, sultry, fragrance powerhouse. Cleo, and all of the other gals, are available at your local Sephora.

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