Fragrance Friday- La Prairie Life Threads, The Precious Gems

La Prairie Life Threads Gems

Once more intoxicating this newly initiated scent addict, La Prairie has added three new fragrances to the Life Threads Collection. Life Threads Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald are heady, intoxicating, and every bit as wonderful as the original Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Just as before, the Life Threads Gems take perfume journeys one step further with a full-on sensory experiences that combine smell, sight, touch, and sound. The fragrances bloom, blossom, and unfold to reveal distinct notes that don’t only call, but croon to the senses, singing sweet notes of love.Life Threads Gems

Let’s start with my favorite of the bunch, shall we? Life Threads Sapphire is a gorgeous floral, with slight notes of wood and musk at its heart. The official list of notes includes Apricot, Freesia, Jasmine, Gardenia, Wild Narcissus, Green Leaves, White and Sandalwoods, and Amber. Slightly sweet on the surface, Sapphire acts every bit the charming coquette, both elegant and refined. Dig a bit deeper into the base notes, and you will be enthralled by a sleek, subtle, but nonetheless powerful seductiveness. The Sapphire woman wears two personas, gliding effortlessly from one to the other whenever the situation calls for it.

The second fragrance, Life Threads Emerald is a fresh, green floral scent that invigorates both the mind and the soul. The official notes include Green Galbanum, Orange Flower, Angelica, Bulgarian Rose, Lilac, Indian Jasmine, French Daffodil, Iris, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, and Pure Amber. As with Sapphire, the Emerald woman wears two personas as well. She is vigorous and adventurous, grabbing life by the horns and snatching up every opportunity that comes her way. Conversely, she also has a softer side, one that is slightly sweet, slightly spicy, and wholly sensually alluring.

Hmm, I know I said that Sapphire is my favorite, but as I sit here writing this post, and wearing both sapphire and Emerald (opposite arms, of course), I am amending my initial assessment. They are both so exquisite to me, despite the fact that they seem polar opposites on the fragrance spectrum. Emerald is the water to Sapphire’s fire, and I find myself hopelessly devoted to both.

The third fragrance of the collection, Life Threads Ruby, is a Floriental (Floral Oriental) through and through. To me, it smells the most mature of the bunch, but that might be because floral orientals are the blends my mother favors. Ruby’s notes include Bergamot, Orange Flower, Coriander, Spanish Saffron, Ylang Ylang, Red Rose, Jasmine Absolute, Sandwood, Vetiver, Passion Musk, and Vanilla Bean. Ruby is passionate, fiery, spirited, and fiercely feminine. Dig a bit deeper though, and you will see her softer side, which gently emanates a soft, powdery musk.

La Prairie Life Threads Gems are true gems as far as fragrance is concerned. With each blend’s delicate nuances, I have once more fallen hopelessly in love. Life Threads Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald are available both online, and on counter.

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