Dancing With the Stars, The Hair Extensions Line

Dear readers, have I told you about my long, illustrious career as a semi-professional dancer? It involves dancing of the tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and pointe varieties, competitions, recitals, and even a few conventions. Despite the many classes, the countless hours of practice, and even the dance-related injuries, you had a very lithe, very active, very happy me. Now, where am I going with all of this?

The one constant in my ever-changing array of costumes, makeup products, and dance shoes were my hairpieces. Yes folks, I am talking about a wig. I named mine Curly Sue, and here are several incarnations of them in action:

And again:

Clearly, the masterminds behind the Dancing with the Stars Hair Accessories know what’s up. They have just launched a full line of heat tool friendly, faux hair accessories designed to take any girl from drab mane to fab lane with just the twist of elastic or the snap of a clip. Don’t believe me, how about a demo.

Here is the Salsaloosa Scrunchie, in action

Every style I have tried looks amazing on, and take absolutely no effort. While there are only 12 or so shades available, close matches aren’t that hard to find. I’d imagine the lighter shades can be dyed as well.

If there is one thing I learned during my 12 years as a dancer, it is the value of a great hairpiece for every occasion. Fortunately, the DWTS line offers not just this retired dancer, but also every gal some pretty great hairpieces.  The Dancing with the Stars line of Hair Extensions is available both on HSN. For a daily dose of glam hair, sans dance-caliber effort, DWTS hair accessories bring it.

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