Caudalie Skincare, Vine Ripened Beauty

Raisins, Jelly, Champagne, and CaudalieCaudalie Skincare Essence

What we have here are four very different things, with one very common ancestor: The Grape.

We aren’t here to discuss food folks, oh no. In this post, we are talking beauty shop, and Caudalie Skincare. For those who aren’t familiar (I know I wasn’t!), Caudalie is an amazing skincare line founded in the mid 90’s, a collaboration between a scientist, and a young French couple. All of the magic happened in a quaint French winery.

The concept behind the line is simple. Grape seeds are rich in biochemicals called Polyphenols, and Polyphenols are crucial in the fight against free radicals, the environmental no goodniks that cause premature aging. By infusing a line of skincare with these magical polyphenols, you have a line geared towards anti-aging. Add to said line luxury, quality, and years of intense research, and you have the Caudalie skincare line. Here are a few items that have recently found their way into my skincare routine.

Caudalie Skincare

The Anti Wrinkle Cream, which is pretty self explanatory.

Caudalie Skincare Mask

Moisturizing Cream for face and eyes

Caudalie Skincare Essence

Beauty Elixir, to refresh and renew.

Caudalie Skincare is available both online, and at your local Sephora. For a polyphenol-ific treat, you can count on this line.

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