Ban the Bland- An Evening with U by Kotex, and Patricia Field

If my experiences of this week have taught me anything, it is that breakthroughs, creativity, and inspiration can spring from the most unlikely experiences. Of course I am talking about feminine care products a la U by Kotex, and an inspirational evening that I spent in the presence of fashion great, and U by Kotex Ban The Bland campaign collaborator, Patricia Field.

Ladies, there is a campaign afoot, and I have got the scoop. Ban the Bland is a new initiative launched by the U by Kotex brand, in collaboration with fashion designer Patricia Field. The goal of the campaign is quite simple. That is, to give girls the opportunity to help change and inspire the future of the feminine care category through an online design challenge.

U by Kotex is inviting girls to share their inspiration and creativity by designing a pad, accessory or inspiration board at for a chance to work with Patricia to design a new product for 2012 and attend Fashion Week in NYC. For everyone who submits or likes a design at, $1 will be donated to Girls For A Change—a national non-profit organization that empowers girls to create and lead social change within their communities. That is a pretty wonderful thing, if I do say so myself.

Patricia Field and Krasey

Having had the opportunity to engage Patricia in a personal, in-depth conversation, it immediately became apparent to me that she is indeed the perfect woman for the job. With her flaming signature hair, her wonderfully outspoken demeanor, and her vibrant, glowing personality, Patricia is a fashion force and woman to admire and adore. When I asked her why she paired up with U by Kotex, her answer was that she wanted to “help and inspire women around the world.” During the presentation, she also added that “once women start expressing themselves, they start respecting themselves”. Well, I honestly couldn’t agree more.

Patricia Field Makeup Look by Kabuki

As well as her involvement in the campaign, Patricia has also designed over 50 different personalized tins for holding all of your fabulous feminine care products, and other necessary knick-knacks. In addition to several new products from U by Kotex, these tins will be hitting stores this summer.

Readers, I encourage you all to join both me and U by Kotex to Ban the Bland (in feminine care), for good!

OH- Speaking of inspiration, and a completely unrelated, and yet related note, makeup artist SUPERSTAR Kabuki (yes, that Kabuki) was in the house, styling Patricia’s makeup. I repeat, I MET KABUKI, and it was magical.

Krasey with Kabuki

2 thoughts on “Ban the Bland- An Evening with U by Kotex, and Patricia Field

  • April 7, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    That is a really neat Idea…I love the brights….

  • April 7, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Krista, you must participate in the campaign. Such a great opportunity!

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