This Spring, Illamasqua Unleashes the Toxic Nature Collection

Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection

If you are craving a bright punch of color this spring, Illamasqua has got it. Called Toxic Nature, this stunning spring lineup of new colors and products inspire some serious lust. I’ve got spring color fever, and I like it!

Unpredictable, uncharted and unnat­ural, Illamasqua unleashes Toxic Nature for Spring/Summer 2011, a colour collection born from a visionary concept of nature fighting back against the genetically modified society that plunders it. Illamasqua has created the Toxic Nature collection through a palette of lurid shades, corrupted hues and glistening muted tones that offer intoxicating versions of their original selves.

“Having an artist background highly influenced this collection. The medium of paint when it is in various states [mixed on a palette, on a canvas, the colours mutating when you wash your brushes] inspired the product colours of Toxic Nature. Blends, washes, dabs, drips, daubs and splashes of colour are evident in the imagery of the collection.” Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director.

Like nature itself, it’s not all sweetness and light. Shades of mint, mushroom, plum, orange and rose are distorted with rich textures and pops of acid-infused brightness that command attention and draw you in…

The products:

Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection

NEW: Cream Pigments: A new matt formula that can either neutralise or dominate. Create the ultimate in textures whether it’s on your face, eyes, or body, bringing a flash of colour to a subtle contour.

Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection Cream PigmentsApply with fingers or a brush for a buildable, matt and water resistant finish.

Hollow – This toffee shade is perfect as a contour on paler skintones. It also works brilliantly as an eye shadow base on olive – darker skintones.

Emerge – This peach brightens under eye shadows and is beautiful as a highlighter on olive – darker skintones. It’s also a very flattering blusher on paler skin tones. (Europe Only)
Delirium – This rose taupe shade is fantastic for contouring pale – olive skin tones, as well as healthy flush to all skintones as a blusher and as a soft lip colour. (Europe Only) Bedaub – This mint green is a wonderful eye base, and is flattering on all skintones.
Mould – Because every Spring collection needs a touch of darkness, this grape is stunning as a base for a smoky eye or intense, statement lip. Dab – This gentle lilac is beautiful for eyes lips and cheeks, especially for a 60s look.

“The power of the products in this collection is evident in the intensity of the Cream Pigments – they are intense, raw colour but blend down easily exactly like an artists paint palette.” Alex Box.

Precision Ink in ‘Glister’– Create looks with attitude with this glistening opalescent nude. It dries within seconds and stays true for hours, so whatever you scrawl on your skin, you know your creation will last until dawn.

Lipstick– Intense Lipstick with a highly pigmented formula that glides on smoothly, creating a statement.

Atomic – Fuchsia violet

Flare – Bright orange

Sheer Lipgloss Come out of the shadows with a high-shine punch of colour. Glossy, intense, and highly pigmented, Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss is long-lasting, both on the lips and in the mind.

Torture – Coral Peach

Divine – Fuchsia Pink

Nail Varnish Leave your mark with an unexpected claw. Choose from either toxic pastels or unmissable neons. Hardwearing and chip-resistant.

Purity – Peach

Bacterium – Pearlescent Ash Ochre

Radium – Acidic Lime Shimmer

Stagnate – Grey Mauve

Gamma – Neon orange

Toxic Claw Illamasqua are proud to present the second collaboration with visionary manicurist, Mike Pocock.  A beautifully presented set of two false thumb nails, these have been designed and individually hand made by Mike. ‘The mutated aesthetic of the nail was inspired by the corrupted hues present in the Toxic Nature collection’.

I simply have to share some of the stunning promo images for this collection, by none other than Alex Box.

Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection
Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection

Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection

Illamasqua Toxic Nature CollectionThoughts, dear readers?

4 thoughts on “This Spring, Illamasqua Unleashes the Toxic Nature Collection

  • March 4, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    Stunning is right, these images sure tickle the imagination!

  • March 4, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    Dala, I am so glad that you agree. Alex loves to push boundaries, and she does it so well!

  • August 11, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    this is amazing…I love makeup mixed with art…ugh I love makeup!

  • August 14, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Leonor, you and me both!

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