The Hot List: Sephora’s Got One

Sephora Hot List

When it comes to highlighting the hottest, the latest, and the most covetable beauty products, Sephora has beauty-files covered with their newest in-store feature, the Hot List. A catalog of Sephora staffers’ picks of the latest and greatest in the world of beauty, the Hot List keeps beauty mavens in the know on all things cosmetic.

Sephora Hot List Picks

Let’s take a sneak peek look into April’s picks. Spot anything that you can’t wait to try?

While we are discussing Sephora’s Hot List (and a fun discussion this has been thus far, no?), let’s also take a look at some of the nifty products that Sephora has featured as being of the cosmeceutical variety. Think of these products as color cosmetics, with skincare benefits.

Josie Maran’s hydrating Argan Oil infused products.

Tarte’s oil-busting Amazonian Clay infused products.

Anastasia Beauty’s anti-aging Youthful Synergy Complex infused shadow palettes.

Beauty lovers, get in on what’s hot by checking out the Sephora Hot List today. What would you put on your own hot list? What are your favorite cosmeceutical products?

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