SugarPill Cosmetics, An Introduction

Sugarpill Cosmetics Chroma Lust Loose Shadows and Addicted to Pretty Eyeshadow Palettes

I must confess that I have a certain penchant for beauty products that are larger than life, colorfully speaking of course. I am a sucker for the purple lipstick, the hot pink eyeshadow, the red blush. I am also a firm believer that makeup and beauty should be about artistic self-expression, feature accentuation, and most importantly, fun! All of that in mind, I have found a brand to play with, to worship, to adore, and of course to wax poetic about. That brand is Sugar Pill Cosmetics, founded by the incredibly talented, ultra sweet Amy a.k.a Shrinkle.

Sugarpill Cosmetics Chroma Lust Loose Eyeshadow in Lumi, Birthday Girl, and Starling

Sugar Pill currently offers up loose pigments and pressed eye shadows, in a selection of shades that run the range from soft and pretty to POW and ZAP! With Sugar Pill, you get both ends of the light spectrum too, with the loose shades being full of multi-dimensional shimmer and shine, and vibrant, flat matte pressed shadow shades. Add to the description superb quality, stellar packaging, and exceptional customer service, and I am hooked for life.

As an aside, Sugar Pill first trickled into my awareness when on a walk through the chilly streets of NYC during Spring Fashion week, my uber-talented friends Josh and Richie started singing the praises about a brand they both knew that I, a color lover, would ADORE. From that moment on, the need to explore was strong in me.

SugarPill Cosmetics Package

How adorable is the box this comes in? Like a child that callously discards the toy and instead turns the toy box into their very own spaceship, I set the actual products to the side while I photographed the nifty box.

Here is a peek at the products. I will post swatches and looks in the days to come, I promise!

Sugarpill Cosmetics Addicted to Pretty Eyeshadow Palette

Sugarpill Cosmetics Chroma Lust Loose Eyeshadows 2Sugarpill Cosmetics Addicted to Pretty Eyeshadow Palettes in Sweet Heart and Burning Heart

Sugar Pill Cosmetics are currently available exclusively at Mark my words beauties, this is a brand that is destined for greatness.

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