Science of Skincare- Bare Minerals Skincare Launch

Bare Escentuals Leslie Blodgett

Ladies and gents, it’s about that time again. Class is in session, and this time we are looking at Bare Escentuals’ new skincare line, Bare Minerals, and breaking it down to see what it is all about. At a recent event, I got the scoop, which I will now share with all of you.

This month marks Bare Escentuals’ first completely official foray into the realm of skincare, with an entire, comprehensive line of products from prep to finishing, designed to enhance the skin, and work alongside mineral makeup to create the best complexion possible. Mineral makeup lovers can easily warm up to up to this line.

The magical ingredient behind Rare Minerals is a rather simple one, the Rare Minerals Active Soil Complex. The entire skincare line is based on research that affirms that the vital mineral nutrients that we take into our bodies on a daily basis, to maintain general health, are just as essential to our skin. Through a unique extraction process, a pure concentrated mineral powder, chock-full of micro and macronutrients, is derived from the richest soil, densest, most nutrient rich soil around.

Bare Minerals Pure Transformation

The benefits yielded from the Rare Minerals Active Soil Complex include an increased rate of cell turnover, a visible reduction in pore size, and improvements in skin tone, radiance, and texture. Even better, the complex trumps even blueberries in antioxidant concentrations. That means  your skin will be energized, and protected from the harsh environmental factors that cause premature aging.

Certainly not a one size fits all approach to skincare, the full line offers up a few different options for customization, by way of three cleansers (Purifying, Deep Cleansing, and Exfoliating), two moisturizers (a lotion and a cream), a firming eye treatment, and a blemish treatment powder.

Bare Minerals Pure Transformation

The star product of the line is not necessarily a new one, but one that is special just the same. Pure Transformation Night Treatment is the Rare Minerals Active Soil Complex in its most pure, powdered form. Specifically for nighttime use, this tinted powder is available in three shades, including a clear variation. Now, I know what you are thinking, why the tint? The answer is so you feel just as beautiful after you apply your nighttime skincare as you do after applying your mineral foundation every morning.

The Bare Minerals Skincare line is currently available at all Bare Escentuals retail outlets, as well as online. Fans of the mineral makeup take note, this one is for you.

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