Krasey News, Inglot NYC Studio Store Opening

Inglot Store Opening

One of the primary reasons I started Krasey Beauty was to share all the latest and greatest happenings in this wonderful hometown of mine. Living in New York City, I have the joys of both convenience and accessibility to all of the latest and greatest; not to mention the abundance of amazing venues and launch events.

On that note, I have news to share. US newcomer Inglot Cosmetics has expanded, with a brand new studio store location, downtown in the Chelsea Market. To celebrate, Inglot hosted a special press only preview of the space.

For those who aren’t familiar, Inglot is a European brand that has quickly been making its mark on the New York scene. With its first US retail location having opened in 2009 in Times Square, the brand immediately saw no small amount of success. Making an even bigger mark on the beauty world, Inglot has opened a second NYC retail location, and this time it’s downtown. Big, bright, and bursting with amazing, the Chelsea store is truly a sight to see.

What makes Inglot so overwhelmingly amazing is that the brand as a whole allows the user, from novice to pro, to customize their collections with the Freedom System, a unique concept that allows one to create lip, cheek, and eye palettes to one’s own preferences and specifications. With a dazzling array the shade and product combo options are truly infinite.

Other wonderful features include the world’s first breathable nail polish, a mixing station where you can create your own custom-blended products, and an incredibly affordable pricepoint. All that in mind, is it any wonder that I am so enamored?

Also at the event, Hair Room Service offered up complimentary hair touchups. Lucky me, for I was styled by founder, Michael Duenas himself. Believe you me, Michael took me from fluffy to fabulous, in no time flat!

My fellow New Yorkers, the Inglot Studio Store in the Chelsea Market is a must-visit. With a plethora of amazing products, and a workspace that allows you to customize and play, there really is nothing like it.

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