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A lawyer, a financial analyst, and a fashion designer walk into a spa. No, this isn’t the setup for a very cheesy joke, just stay with me on this one.

Each individual obviously leads a very different lifestyle, and yet, each individual is alike in that she has her own unique malady. Desperately seeking relief for their respective issues, they each turn to the experts.

This is where Molton Brown, and the brand new Body Remedies Collection steps in. Three unique treatment regimens, Body Remedies are the cures to what ail your body, mind, and soul.  So let’s take a look at our character’s problems, and their specific prescriptions.

The lawyer begins an intense discussion with her aesthetician, lamenting on the dry, parched state of her poor skin. From her jogs through Central Park in 30-degree weather, to the long hours she spends in an office teeming with dry heat, her skin has certainly suffered the consequences. What she needed was intense moisture, and fast.

Molton Brown Hydrate Body Quencher

Her solution is the Hydrate line. Designed to fight back against harsh environmental factors, Hydrate wraps the skin in essential moisture, and some very special active active ingredients.  The secret is the extract of the African myrothamnus flabellifolia, a plant that thrives in harsh heat by shriveling to protect itself when the temperatures rise, needing only a very tiny amount of water to bloom. The scent is wonderfully perfumey, thanks to mandarin essential oils.

Moving on to our friend the financial analyst, who became so stressed out that she decided that it was high time to pack up her bags, and take a much-needed tropical vacation with her sweetheart. Unfortunately, between the winter wreaking havoc on her skin, and her incredibly fast paced 8-8 job leaving her no time to work out, she was feeling remarkably far from bikini ready. She needed a skin shape up, and fast.

Molton Brown Renew Ambrusca Wash and Scub

Her Solution is the Renew Line, the cure-all for skin that has been abused and neglected. Packed full of free-radical busting, antioxidant ingredients, renew sloughs away the old, and brightens the new. Renew not only takes care of existing issues like dullness and texture, but it also protects against harmful environmental conditions and pollutants. The range has a very earthy, woodsy scent, making it perfect for guys and gals alike.

Our last subject, the Fashion Designer, is very successful, and very stressed out. Fashion Week was fast approaching and her team wasn’t ready. There were shipments to accept, and details to plan, and she was losing precious sleep over all that stress. Even with her head on the pillow, her brain continued to go over all of the minutiae. What she needed was some serious sleep therapy.

Molton Brown Sleep Cedrus Bathing Infusion

For our stressed out siren, the solution is the Sleep line, designed to calm body, mind, and soul. Relying primarily on the healing aromatherapeutic properties of evening primrose, lavender, and Moroccan cedrus tree oil, Sleep calms frazzled nerves, making the worries of the day melt away.

Our three fine ladies, having found their remedies in Hydrate, Renew, and Sleep, left the spa with brand new outlooks on life, and great skin to boot! Dryness, damage, and the frazzling effects of stress were no match for this trifecta of product ranges. In a nutshell, Molton Brown was the answer to their prayers.

Whatever the quandary, the new Body Remedies range from Molton Brown is the key to curing what ails body, mind, and soul. Look for the new lineup, both online, and at your nearest Molton Brown Shop.

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