Fragrance Friday- Bulgari Au The Vert

Readers, it is storytime. Allow me to weave a brief tale of accidental fragrance classics of the luxury variety.

It all began with a lavish little line called Bulgari, a brand known for sumptuous jewels, exquisite handbags, and other beautiful knick-knacks. One day, aforementioned brand decided to create a special treat previously unheard of in their line, a fragrance. This fragrance was called Au Thé Vert, and it was given as a gift to a select few, their valued customers. Au Thé Vert became a smash hit. So popular it was in fact, that customers clamored, begging the luxury brand to bring it back once it was gone. Thus, a fragrance star, and the Bulgari fragrance line was born.Bulgari Au The Vert Eau de Cologne

Au Thé Vert is classified as a fresh citrus, but I would be inclined to argue that it is so much more. It is fresh and citrusy yes, but upon drydown it does lend the suggestion of oriental and musk. If we were to look at the notes, we would find bergamot, bitter orange and Orange Blossom, spice, Rose and Jasmine, Green Tea, and smoky woods. The overall effect is bright and lovely, with a that bit of smoke providing an elegance and sophistication that prevents the scent from being too young (as I find many fresh citrus scents to be). The scent is a cologne, but it is far from being overpowering. It is rather lovely, if I do say so myself.

Bulgari Au The Vert Eau de Cologne

The bottle is beautiful, a classic frosted cylinder adorned with a silvery frosted cap. Elegant in its simplicity, the bottle is as elegantly beautiful as the scent.

From limited edition exclusive to signature favorite, Bulgari’s Au The Vert captures hearts with its sophisticated elegance. It is available at your local fragrance counter, or Sephora.

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