Be Radiant, Be Sassy, B.Right with Benefit Skincare

Benefit BRight Radiant Skincare Collection

Question: What’s green, smells great, and is good for you all over?

Answer: The newest from Benefit, B.Right Skincare

Benefit BRight Radiant Skincare Collection

This spring season, the Benefit bellas are unveiling an amazing new skincare line, and I have the full scoop for you. Helpfully hydrating, beautifully beneficial, and radically retro, B.Right Radiant Skincare brings us all back to a simpler time, when the skincare experience wasn’t about a million steps and hundreds of hard to pronounce ingredients, but instead was about helping and hydrating while creating a lush overall experience.

Benefit BRight Radiant Skincare Collection Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

The secret to the B.Right line lies in the patented “Tri-Radiance Complex”, a delivery system that essentially reinforces the skin’s natural moisture barriers, ensuring that moisture is delivered to the skin, and stays there. The overall result is a brighter, fresher, plump full of moisture complexion, something I can easily get behind, especially in this harsh winter climate.

Benefit BRight Radiant Skincare Collection Total Moisture

The lineup includes everything from cleanser, to moisturizer, to specialized treatment. Each and every product has its own special cocktail of nature-meets-science ingredients, designed to enrich the skin with essential moisture. Each and every product also looks and feels as luxurious as can be, creating a full sensory experience even as my skin reaps the benefits of the regimen. Most of the products carry a deliciously refreshing, incredibly soothing cucumber scent, which I personally love. It helps me refresh and recharge as soon as I apply it.

Benefit BRight Radiant Skincare Collection Refined Finish

When it comes to packaging, Benefit knocked it out of the park with B.Right. The bottles are purely retro, in shapes and silhouettes that look like they belong on a polished antique armoire. There is no flimsy packaging to be had here, these products have the solid, sturdy feel of quality.
Benefit BRight Radiant Skincare Collection It's Potent Eye Cream

Going beyond the ingredients and the packaging, the B.Right Radiant Skincare regimen is also about memories, feelings, and emotions. As I complete my daily skincare routines, I imagine myself a little girl again, watching my mother as she applied her skincare every evening. I have to smile as I think about how, more than once, she caught me with my hand in the proverbial cookie jar (or jar of face cream). Of course I would be completely covered with any one of her lotions and potions, and of course she would call me silly and gently wipe it all off.

Benefit BRight Radiant Skincare Collection Foamingly Clean

B.Right’s retro packaging just makes me smile, as it brings forth all kinds of positive memories and emotions. Naturally, I feel compelled to share that with my 60+ year old mother, who has come to enjoy the line as well. It reminds her of the olden days, too.

With delightful packaging, and great skincare benefits, Benefit Cosmetics’s B.Right is the full skincare package. Look for it today, at Benefit

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