Bath and Body Works Event

Heads up, Bath and Body Works fans. There is an event rolling out tomorrow, March 19th at stores nationwide. So say yes to spring, and  “I Love Fragrance”!

Taking place on Saturday, March 19th from 1-5pm, the I Love Fragrance Event is dedicated to identifying your perfect scent in the Signature Collection from Bath & Body Works. Whether you’re new to the Signature Collection or a long-time devotee, Bath & Body Works associates are trained fragrance experts who can discover your fragrance personality and the right scent to suit your style.

Say I Love Fragrance and find your perfect scent at Bath & Body Works:

  • Take the Bath & Body Works fragrance personality quiz to find your Signature Collection fragrance personality
  • Visit the Bath & Body Works Moisture Station to try out assorted Signature Collection moisturizers
  • Bath & Body Works fragrance experts will offer insider tips and tricks for new ways to wear Signature Collection
  • Enjoy exclusive offers and special gifts
  • Vote on the next summer scent launch from Bath & Body Works

So, who’s going?!

2 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Event

  • April 21, 2011 at 5:29 am

    Continue to be UNHAPPY regarding the “Limited Supply” issue. Working prevented me from attending this function. However, now I find myself SAVING more money as I spend MUCH LESS at BATH AND BODY. If the UNWORKING WOMEN CAN SUPPORT BATH AND BODY, SO BE IT. I was taking care of someone’s mother that day, in addition to many other days, and I just hope BBW can surve on the income of mere needy women. We should have been allowed to preorder, prepayi if necessary to get the bag and lotion. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN OFFERED TO EVERYONE!!!!! Their attitude of exclusion is keeping me out the front door!! (i did and still do really want this bag. it is beautiful. So why should I keep on being the frustrated party, i just won’t shop lere.

  • April 21, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    Connie, I am so sorry to hear about your bad experiences with limited supply. It is so difficult with these limited edition items sometimes.

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