La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion, Like a Beauty Booster Shot

When it comes to skin health, my external appearance, and the blitzkreig on wrinkles, this aging beauty aficionado needs all the help she can get. Lotions, potions, and serums notwithstanding, I am always searching for the hot tickets on the train to sublime skin (choo choo).

Cellular Power Infusion four vials white leatherette box

In the world of skin accoutrements, I have found the next best thing in a little item called Cellular Power Infusion.  Swiss skincare company, and Krasey Beauty favorite La Prairie is revolutionizing the way I look at skincare, with this amazing little vial of booster serum love.

Cellular Power Infusion activated

Cellular Power Infusion is a new concept in skincare, a product designed as an addition to one’s current regimen, that deep penetrates to produce the most wonderful results. Cellular Power Infusion goes where traditional products do not, beyond the epidermal layers of the skin, and straight down to the cellular level. With a potent mix of peptides, nutrients, and many wonderful active ingredients, Cellular Power Infusion works to repair damaged cells, while fueling dermal cells with the energy they need to up the collagen production, and wipe out fine lines and wrinkles. To activate, simply twist the vial till you hear the snap. The clear serum then turns cloudy, indicating that it is ready to go.

4 stages of Cellular Power Infusion

Time to show my science roots, let’s get technical!

At the heart of all dermal cells are microscopic organelles known as mitochondria. Mitochondria are the espresso shots of the cell world, producing a nucleotide called ATP that provides the fuel for the cell to function. Mitochondria are also responsible for cell formation and regeneration, which are quite important as far as fighting aging skin is concerned. Aging cells are sluggish cells, and sluggish cells are low on the mitochondrial activity. By stimulating the mitochondria, Cellular Power Infusion is ultimately waking up the cells, encouraging new, healthy cell growth, and fortifying the skin with wrinkle busting collagen.

This is a regimen that will hit aging with a 4×4, and by that I mean the prescribed dosage of 4 vials of serum, used for 4 weeks, 4 times a year.

I have been using the serum, both day and night, for the past 10 days as directed. From the first application down to the very last, I watched as my winter weather and stress worn skin transformed in the most beautiful way. My skin has lost it’s sallow, dull appearance, and is decidedly smoother and more radiant. I am relying less on makeup to give me that glow, which is really all kinds of wonderful.

La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion is available now, both on the La Prairie Website, and on counter. Needless to say, Cellular Power Infusion is a skincare game changer.

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