Fragrance Friday- A Tale of Intrigue, and the Bulgari Man

Readers, let me tell you the story of one handsome bachelor with an aversion to scent-ification. When it came to grooming, hygiene, and matters of the fashion variety, our hero was as standard issue as it got. Give him clean clothes and a shiny pair of shoes, and he was good to go. Hair gel was optional, and colognes need not apply because he simply couldn’t be bothered. Whatever his routine was, it worked for him, for a while at least.

One day, our dapper gentleman met the gal of his dreams, and he knew that from that point on he would have to kick it up a couple of notches in the grooming department. You see, his special lady friend was not only fashionable, but also incredibly fragrance oriented, and she liked it when her man smelled good. Eager to please her, our gent went off in search of a scent that he thought she would love. His journey brought him to Saks, and more specifically, the Bulgari counter. He knew his lady friend was already a fan of Bulgari’s scents for her, so he figured he really couldn’t go wrong.

After a brief Q&A with the fragrance consultant, he decided on Bulgari Man, a heady blend of fresh citrus, sexy woods, and musk. He was impressed with the fancy-sounding list of notes, and he liked that the scent wasn’t flowery or frou-frou. He smelled clean, and fresh, like himself only better.

New cologne in hand, and on neck, our gent went for the final test with his girlfriend. He greeted her in his customary fashion, and if her exuberant and very enthusiastic greeting in response was any indication, she definitely knew that something was different. She buried her face in his neck and declared that he smelled sexy, and that she couldn’t get enough. He then admitted to her that he purchased a whole bottle of the scent (of course she was impressed when she heard that he went with one of her favorites), which of course made her heart melt a little at his thoughtfulness. Thrilled with the outcome of his fragrance search, our hero knew he had a new addition to his grooming routine that he could definitely get used to.

These days, there isn’t a place our gentleman will go without first spritzing his newfound signature scent, Bulgari Man.

2 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday- A Tale of Intrigue, and the Bulgari Man

  • February 26, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Loved reading that one! You got a great hand in writing. No how to subtly put this ‘incidentally’ in front of my beau’s nose… Hmmm, must do some plotting!

  • February 27, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    Dala, thank you so much for that. Definitely have your man try this scent, it is amazing! 🙂

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