Feel Good Beauty with Physician’s Formula

I know that I am not alone in the tendency to get my jollies from playing with, applying, and wearing makeup. Bad days, stress, and even fatigue become a thing of the past when I dive into my burgeoning makeup drawers and begin to play.

Physician's Formula Eye Candy

While gorgeous packaging is not a necessity, it is a most welcome bonus. Fueling my obsession, my makeup routine, and ultimately, my happiness quotient is the newest product from Physician’s Formula, a highlighter that is quite rightly called the Happy Booster.

Physician's Formula Eye Candy Happy Booster

Happy Booster is a blend of pressed powder designed to impart a radiance and subtle glow to the high planes of the cheeks. With just one swipe of the delightfully two-toned brush, laden with the adorable, heart embossed powder; my face becomes luminous. A quick whiff of the powder relaxes my nerves a bit too, as the powder carries aroma therapeutic benefits thanks to its violet scent notes.

Before I leave, I’d like to provide you all with a few more pieces of  Physician’s Formula eye candy, all new for this year!

Physician's Formula Eye Candy Cashmere Bronzer

Cashmere Bronzer, the first mass market bronzer with anti-aging benefits

Physician's Formula Eye Candy Primers

Tri Colored Primers, to smooth, enhance, and wipe out discoloration.

Physician's Formula Eye Candy Eye Booster

Eye Booster Liner and Serum, a pen liquid liner with the added benefit of lash boosting serum

If there is one drugstore brand that has whittled its way into my heart, that would be Physician’s Formula. Look for these new additions, rolling out at drugstores nationwide.

One thought on “Feel Good Beauty with Physician’s Formula

  • February 12, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    I bought the mood booster powder and I do like that it’s cute and that it has a pleasant fragrance. However, I find it kind of on the ‘weak’ side as far as functionality. I find myself applying it more than I would any other translucent powder.

    However, I am thrilled that PF has decided to step up their game in terms of products. I am pretty excited about all the awesome stuff they have come out with this year! Anxious to try it all too!

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