A Very LUSH Valentine’s Day

One might say that the look of love is in my eyes, and one would be correct. For I have my eye on some delicious, decadent, and ADORABLE Valentine’s Day offerings from none other than LUSH. So delicious, so decadent, I am asking myself who needs chocolate (caloric!) or lingerie (that doesn’t fit), when I have these sweetly scented bath and body products to indulge in?

LUSH It's Raining Men Shower Gel

Your Valentine’s Day weather forecast. According to LUSH, It’s Raining Men!

Full of rich moisture, infused with honey, and scented with sweet chocolate and caramel, this scented shower gel is love to the nth power.

Frog Prince Bath Bomb

LUSH Frog Prince Bath Bomb

LUSH bath bombs are a bit of an obsession for me, and this newest offering for V-day is no exception. Frog Prince Bath Bomb is a cute little sucker, all green and sparkly with pouty red lips for kissing. Only he won’t be kissing your lips, but your bath water instead, with the most delicious, soothing aromas of Jasmine, Neroli, and Rosewood. A potent blend of sweet aphrodisiacs, Mr. Frog can do no wrong.

LUSH LoveBirds Soap

Delightfully  sweet, Love Birds Soap is a fluffy blend of vanilla and jasmine. Exceptionally moisturizing, this soap has been wonderful for my cold weather worn skin. While I feel the need to hoard this, I must accept that this is one soap that is perfect for sharing with your very own love bird this season.

These wonderful offerings are currently available, both online, and at your local LUSH.

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