MAC for Mickey Contractor

MAC for Mickey Contractor Collection

Before I even  begin this post, let me first apologize to all of you for the lateness of this post. I know that the Mickey Contractor collection was launched four score and seven years ago, but time (and the sun!) ran away from me, leaving me tardy to the bold Bollywood color party. Hopefully, the pretty pictures will make it up to all of you, my wonderful readers. On with the post!

MAC for Mickey Contractor Collection

When it comes to Indian culture in general, and the Bollywood genre more specifically, I have always found myself more that a little bit intrigued. Theatrical musical numbers, colorful sets and costumes, and of course, gorgeous makeup and stunning actresses take me on a delightful flight of fancy that I almost don’t want to end. Nevermind that I can’t understand a word they say.

Witness this, and tell me you don’t want to hunker down and watch something Bollywood:

And a bit closer to reality, this:

One language I do understand is that of beauty, and on that note, I need to spotlight the grand, the gorgeous, and the deliciously exotic new MAC and Mickey Contractor collaboration, launched for all of us fanatics to enjoy. A collection bursting at the seams with rich jewel tones set against a smoky backdrop, the MAC Mickey Contractor Collection is a little taste of Bollywood heaven.


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Do yourself a favor, and Odissi (that’s a type of Indian dance, folks!) your way to the nearest MAC. The MAC and Mickey Contractor collection is currently available online, in store, and at counter.

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