Hourglass Aura Spring Tints

Our Setting:

Deep in the heart of the frigid North Pole

Exists a magical place

Fanning the flames of desire that lay deep within my soul

An aura, a light that glows across the midnight blue sky

A dazzling, illuminating, visual array across time, and space

Both vast, and beautiful

Sure as the new day dawns,

So too does the aura renew

Hourglass Aura Cheek Stains Flush, Petal

Excuse the ornate poetry, but I am feeling particularly moved. Hourglass has inspired a deep sense of wistfulness and awe, way down deep in my beauty-loving soul, with their newest additions for the spring, Aura Lip Tints and Aura Cheek Tints. Like the stunning Aurora Borealis, these tints are a thing of beauty, imparting lips, cheeks, and even eyes with the most stunning, lit from within color. Shining, shimmering, splendid, these tints are a breath of fresh after the dull, frigid days of winter.

Creamy, sparkling, and beautifully natural looking, the gel-based Aura Cheek Tints are pure complexion perfection. With a consistency that feels like water, the gels cool as they glide and blend both effortlessly and smoothly into my cheeks. Unlike other tints I have tried, these do not dry into immobile blotches, but rather work with me to blend, even after they have set.


Hourglass Aura Cheekstains Swatched
Flush, Petal

Cheek Stains:

Hourglass Petal Aura Cheek Stain Swatch
Petal on Cheeks
Hourglass Flush Aura Cheek Swatch
Flush on Cheeks

Like the cheek tints, the Aura Lip Tints provide kisses of color that look both natural and radiant. The lighter-than-air formula feels like water, but stays on like glue, immediately hugging the curves of my lips. The tints feel moisturizing on my winter-worn lips, and wear a bare minimum of 6 hours on me.

Hourglass Aura Lipstains Scarlet, Flush, Petal
Scarlet, Flush, Petal


Hourglass Aura Lipstain Swatches

Lip Swatches:

Hourglass Aura Lipstain Swatched Scarlet

Hourglass Aura Lipstain Swatched Petal
Hourglass Aura Lipstain Swatched Flush

Hourglass Aura Lip and Cheek Tints prove that there is as much splendor to be found in cosmetics as there is to be found in nature. Providing light, perfect kisses of airy color to both cheeks and lips, these Auras are a thing of beauty. Look for them on the Hourglass website in the coming weeks, and at Sephora too!

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