Getting Dirty with Borghese Fango Mud

When it comes to proper bodycare, sometimes you have to get a little dirty in order to get really clean. Lately, Borghese has me getting down and dirty, with the Fango Risorativo Restoring and Hydrating Mud Mask.Borghese Fango Mud

Mud masks have a bit of a reputation, when it comes to skincare and spa-type treatments don’t they? Picture your typical spa trip, and you will surely picture yourself in a fluffy robe, cucumbers on your eyes, and your face and body covered in mud. All for good reason of course, as mud has long been known to have healing, regenerative, and restorative properties with its abundance of mineral deposits.

For those without the big bucks in their pockets, Fango Ristorativo mimics the spa experience nicely. This mask helps protect the skin against damaging elements, while soothing stress. Upon application, it instantly cools, while reducing both puffiness and redness. My skin emerges post application looking clear, radiant, and rather luminous if I do say so myself. Yay for that!

Borghese’s Fango Mud Mask is available both online, and at your local department store. For a truly decadent, hydrating, deep cleanse, there really isn’t anything like it.

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