Fragrance Friday- Thierry Mugler Alien

Thierry Mugler Alien Fragrance

Fragrance goes beyond just scents, ingredients, and notes. A good fragrance will transport you outside of your body, and take both your heart and soul on a journey of  olfactive-inspired sensation. The scent receptors in the nose have the power to transport us to another time and place entirely, which is what makes the fragrance experience both exciting and necessary.

Once more we are taking a magical ride into another dimension, with our olfactive senses as our tour guides. Our journey today will bring us beyond this world, to the vast beauty of Outer Space. Today, we will become not quite of this world, with Thierry Mugler’s Alien.

Thierry Mugler Alien Fragrance

Alien is an oddity in the fragrance world, at times both soft and delicate, and at others times powerful and mysterious. Harnessing the essence of the Cosmos, Alien shines like a bright star, a powerful burst of floral illuminating a sensual sea of mysterious wood, musk, and amber. Rich, and sexy, Alien is an enigma that I have quickly come to love.

Thierry Mugler Alien Fragrance

The bottle is a stunning work of art, surreal, beautiful and awe-inspiring. An architectural crystal with gold adornments give it the look of an extra terrestrial being, while the strong purple hue to the bottle gives the flacon an even bolder appearance.

As a special edition, Alien was available (and may still be available) with a stunning gold bangle, that complements the delicious fragrance beautifully. If you can still find this at your local counter, make sure to snatch it right up, as the bracelet is just as much of a gem as the fragrance is.

Thierry Mugler Alien Fragrance Bracelet

Thierry Mugler Alien Fragrance Bracelet

Thierry Mugler’s Alien is both mysterious and unexpected. Lover’s of the soft floral, this one is for you. It is available both on Thierry Mugler’s website, and at your local fine fragrance counter.

One thought on “Fragrance Friday- Thierry Mugler Alien

  • January 22, 2011 at 1:36 am

    Where did you get that ring? I know it’s random, but it’s beautiful!

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