Auburnlocks and the Hourglass Lipsticks

When last we heard of our fair Auburnlocks, she was on a search for the best, the sexiest, the most perfect nude lipstick she could find (need a refresher, click here). On her grand expedition through the Urban Jungle that is New York City, she came across a cosmetic oasis, otherwise known as Sephora. There, she stumbled across a new brand (and nude lipstick!) to love and cherish, to her beauty-enamored heart’s content.

Flash and fast forward to present day, not even two months later in fact, and our fair damsel finds herself in another pickle. It is December, and the holiday season is in full swing. Being the budding socialite that she is, Auburnlocks found herself double, triple, and even quadruple booked for fete upon fete. While she was covered in the nude lipstick department, she found herself craving more flash and pizzazz for her pout during these holiday shindigs. With vibrant lip shades on the brain, she donned her warmest gear, and set out on a trek back to the aforementioned beauty oasis.

Hourglass Femme Rouge Icon and Muse

After a quick stop at Intermix (she did need a new dress, after all), Auburnlocks stepped into Sephora, and made a beeline for the Hourglass section. Her eyes were immediately drawn once more to the stunning Femme Rouge lipsticks, and with red on the brain she narrowed her selection down between the bold and the muted.

Hourglass Femme Rouge Muse

Muse, she decided, would be her daytime bold lip shade. A reddened-coral, it was the perfect bright, yet not too intense shade to don during her daily dockets and dalliances.

Hourglass Femme Rouge Lip Swatch Muse

Hourglass Femme Rouge Icon

The shade she was most excited about was Icon, a heart stopping true red crème destined to break hearts and stop the boys dead in their tracks. Creamy, rich, and deliciously intense, this was her party red if ever there was one.

Hourglass Femme Rouge Lip Swatch Icon

Hourglass Bare Lip liner

Last but not least, our fair maiden decided that while she was there, she would pick up a lipliner to appease her nude-loving heart. That in mind, she went straight for Trace Lip Liner in Bare, a pink-beige nude matte pencil on one end, with a blending brush on the other. Perfect for keeping her nude lip looks in check, Trace was a natural fit.

Hourglass Femme Rouge lipsticks, and Trace Lip Liner are an essential part of any beauty’s balanced beauty regimen. It goes without saying that these selections are all pout tested, and Auburnlocks approved. Look for them at your local Sephora, and at Barneys.

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