Today Only, Try Zoya Nail Polish Spoons for Free!

I promised myself that I wouldn’t subject you all to my cheese-tastic rhymes anymore… this week. Just kidding!

You already know how awesome Zoya’s Color Spoons are (click here for a refresher), so I won’t drive that point in any further. Instead, I will take this opportunity to revisit my awesome poem.

Polish so splendid

Shades oh so bold

The dizzying array

Is a sight to behold

Zoya’s selection

So vast you may swoon

Can’t commit to a color?

Then go try a spoon!

To take part in this awesome offer, be sure to Zoya Nail Polish online. All the details (including the code!) are in the picture up top, so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to spoon with Zoya today (for freee)!

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