Temptu for the Holidays

Oh the weather outside makes my complexion frightful

Making airbrushing so delightful

Even though it’s the season of snow

I will glow, I will glow, I will glow

I have waxed poetic (literally) about the joys of Temptu’s AIRbrush makeup system, and continue to use it on the regular. In fact, airbrushing has become second nature to me.

Do you need a reminder of the results? Well, I thought you would never ask! My pics don’t lie.

Makeup Before and After

This holiday season, Temptu has packaged the kit with holiday gifting (and saving) in mind. Allow me to introduce you all to the Perfect Complexion Set, a package that includes the AIRbrush system, a voucher for a foundation pod (so you don’t have to worry about picking the shade for the recipient), and a universal pod highlighter in Golden Champagne. With this pre-packaged kit, Temptu takes the guesswork out of shopping for that beauty-phile in your life.

Temptu Festively Flawless Gift Set

While we are on the subject of holiday gifts, adornment, and of course Temptu, also available as a limited edition offering for the holiday season is the ADORN Temporary Tattoo Kit in Glitz and Glam. The shapes and styles are every bit as festive as the season we are currently in, and these designs can be worn together or separately.

Temptu Holiday Adorn Temporary Tattoos

What makes this kit different from the other Temptu temporary tattoo options is the fact that these tattoos are white, and come with fun setting powders in gold and silver. I am normally not pro tattoos (permanent or otherwise), but this holiday ADORN offering surprisingly floats my boat. I just love the ethereal quality of the white, gold, and silver designs on my pale complexion.

Temptu Holiday Adorn Temporary Tattoos
Temptu Holiday Adorn Temporary Tattoos

Look for Temptu’s holiday gifting options, available now at your local Sephora. If you haven’t yet discovered the joys of airbrushing yourself flawless, or temporarily adding some pizzazz to your visage, treat yourself to these beauty goodies from Temptu.

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