Sephora Brush Roll

Sephora Brush Clutch

This holiday season, brushes with greatness come in miniature! Packed up in a sparkly little black clutch are seven Sephora Collection makeup brushes that bring not only a great makeup application, but the added bonus of antibacterial properties.

Sephora Brush Clutch 2

Powder, Foundation, Concealer, Angled Eyeshadow, Eyeshadow, Flat Liner, and Brow/Lash are the brushes you get in this set, which is all you would really need to execute any look from start to finish. The brushes are made of soft, synthetic fibers, which will repel germs and other nasties for up to sixty washes. Now if that isn’t a bit of a Christmas miracle during cold season, I don’t know what is.

Sephora Brush Clutch 3

The Sephora Collection Sparkle Edition Antibacterial Brush Set is a pretty little kit to get you looking holiday (or anytime) pretty in a totally germ-free way. This kit is a Sephora holiday exclusive, and a limited edition, so make sure you participate, stat!

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