LORAC Box Office Sensation Traincase

LORAC Box Office Sensation Case

Clearly, LORAC for the holidays is a Box Office Sensation. Offering up a slew of amazing products in an ultra-chic, compact traincase, it is easy to see why fans can flock to this faux-croc case.

Allow me to take you on a guided tour of the “studio”

LORAC Box Office Sensation Eyeshadows Tier 1

Tier 1 features nine creamy, buttery, ultra-blendable shades of mostly warm eyeshadow shades in both satin and shimmer finishes.

LORAC Box Office Sensation Shadows Warm

LORAC Box Office Sensation Eyeshadows Tier 2

Tier 2 features predominantly cool shades, with the same amazing texture that we have all come to know and love from LORAC.

LORAC Box Office Sensation Eye Shadows CoolLORAC Box Office Sensation Shadows Cool 2

LORAC Box Office Sensation Lipgloss Lipsticks and Blushes

Tier 3 features four shades of blush and bronzer, and nine shades of punchy lipgloss.

Each tier conveniently swings out, offering up easy access to the products of your choice. Once done, the traincase closes with a snap, ready to grace the chicest of dressers with its burgundy faux-croc finish.

LORAC Box Office Sensation Eye Shadows

The LORAC Cosmetics Box Office Sensation Traincase is currently available at your local Sephora. For a comprehensive kit with powder and lipstick that you could ever want or need, make sure you watch this ‘box office sensation’.

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