Last Call Studios by Neiman Marcus

Ladies, Gentlemen, my fellow fashion-philes, let’s play a game of conditionals.

  1. If I love fashion, then I will keep up with the trends
  2. If I shop often, then I will break the bank

Based on these conditionals, I can conclude that:

  1. If I love fashion, then I will break the bank.

Well, not necessarily. I am going to go ahead and introduce a variable into that equation now, and one that will yield a dramatically different outcome. Said variable is kind of like having your cake and eating it too, only the cake is a store, and the act of eating is actually shopping and saving.

You know that excitement you feel when you discover something so amazing, you absolutely need to share it with the world? That is what I am feeling right now, as I begin writing about Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus, a brand new addition to the Bergen Town Center in Paramus New Jersey. A completely new retail concept, Last Call Studio brings the same designer duds found in Neiman Marcus stores to outlet shoppers, fashion lovers, and trendsetters alike. None of that ten seasons ago nonsense, the items in the shops (and online) are on-trend and in style today.

I recently had the amazing opportunity to shop the space, a day before it opened to the public. Overwhelming in an amazing way, the store stocks everything from designer handbags and shoes, to jewelry (costume and real), contemporary wear, and even cosmetics. The prices are at a 30% markdown from retail, with additional savings gained through their varying weekly promotions, which is pretty nifty too. In the company of some of my favorite NYC beauty and fashion bloggers, I came, I shopped, and I conquered. I turned honorary Barbie, modeling some of the amazing items I found on those racks. No spoilers on what I got just yet, as those details are for later posts.

Another fun feature of Last Call Studio is a brand new website, stocked chock-full of the same items you will find in the store. No more frustration over inconsistencies between store and site, and no more regrets over missing out on items you originally passed over in the store. Case in point, I had an intense internal debate over purchasing a pair of shoes I had fallen in love with during my shopping excursion. After much deliberation, I decided not to get them, only to feel the intense pangs of regret shortly thereafter. Feeling more than a little bit desperate, I turned to, which happily had those very same shoes in stock. I had been given a second chance, and that was pretty exciting for me (not so much for my wallet). It might seem like a small thing, but if you have ever passed something over in a store only to die a slow death by regret of not purchasing, you know what I am talking about. The website is also a great way to partake in the Last Call Studio experience if you are nowhere near one of the locations.

Here’s one last logical posit: If you love scoring amazing clothing, shoes, and accessories at incredible bargains, then you absolutely must visit Neiman Marcus Last Call Studio, and Trust me when I say that the experience will be so awesome, that it will make your heart soar, and your wallet sing.

P.S Stay tuned for those outfit posts, featuring some of my finds.

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