Kusmi Tea, for the Warm and Fuzzies

Kusmi Holiday Christmas Green TeaLet’s talk tasty treats, of the hot liquid variety.

If there is one constant, each and every single winter, it is that I am always cold, nay, freezing. Bundled up to my neck, a hot beverage is pretty much essential. Oftentimes, tea is my drink of choice.

Born and raised in a very old fashioned Russian household, I can assure you that tea is a huge part of my lifestyle. I grew up sipping Russian teas flavored with honey, lemon, and sugar, and continue still to enjoy my favorite varieties daily. Sipping tea comforts me, calms me, and soothes me in a way that coffee can’t.

Kusmi is a brand of tea founded in St Petersburg, and cultivated in France. They offer up a plethora of blends, each more unique and delicious than the next. These Russian-inspired blends bring about a certain sense of nostalgia that I love, even while they stimulate my sense of smell and taste with their delectable flavors.

The Boost Tea is a blend of maté, green tea, and spices. It is warm, slightly spicy, and incredibly delicious with a bit of Sweet and Low and milk. This is the kind of tea that I picture sipping on a weekend morning, while cuddling in front of the fireplace with my favorite book. It is warm, slightly spicy, and incredibly invigorating.

Kusmi Holiday Christmas Green Tea

Brand new for the holiday season, Christmas Tea is a Chinese black tea, and a delicious blend of Almonds, Vanilla, Orange, and spice. If Boost is the tea to get me going in the morning, Christmas Tea is the hot beverage to help me refresh, relax and unwind. Christmas tea tastes a bit like cake, and becomes even more amazing when some milk and sweetener are added.

Kusmi Tea is a delicious option for fellow lovers of the warm beverage. If you love tea as much as I do, do yourself a favor and check out Boost, Christmas Tea, and all of Kusmi’s other delicious varieties by popping onto the Kusmi website.

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