Fragrance, Remixed- Marc Jacob Lola Velvet

Whatever Lola Wants… Lola Gets

Speaking of beloved Marc Jacobs scents, Lola wanted a new bottle, and Lola got it. Sweet and sexy Lola has a brand new outfit, with frosty purple glass, and a plush velvet flower on top. The scent is the same one that we have all come to know and love, with a brand new outlook, aesthetically speaking.

Marc Jacobs LOLA Velvet

A warm floral, Lola Velvet bursts with fruit and citrus notes, which then transform into heady floral notes, and finally settle into a rich, sweet musk. The combination creates an air of sensuality, sexiness, and a deep feminine appeal.

The bottle itself exhibits a delicate elegance, with its frosted purple glass. Adorning the top of the bottle is a rich velvet flower, adding a rich opulence that makes this perfect for gracing any woman’s esteemed armoire. Lola Velvet was made for display, and I’d imagine it would make an exceptional gift.

Sexy and sensual, deliciously sweet and floral, Marc Jacobs Lola Velvet is one hot little number, bursting with plush beauty. Lola Velvet is available at your local Sephora.

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