Fragrance, Remixed- Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art

Marc Jacobs is the love of my life, metaphorically speaking. From clothing, to accessories, to delectable fragrances, every single thing he does captures my heart, holding me enthralled in its magical spell. Always about reinvention, the house that Marc built has re-released classic, sweet Daisy, remixed to perfection and emerging richer, deeper, and that much more intoxicating.

Daisy Pop Art Eau de Parfum is a sweet, rich, velvety floral bursting with notes of wild strawberry, violet flower, gardenia and jasmine. The overall tone is warm, and at the heart of the scent is a sweet, woodsy musk.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art

I have been a fan of the original Daisy since its inception, though at times I have found it to be a bit on the sweet side. Daisy Pop Art, with its richer base and velvety body is much more my speed, and perfect for the approaching colder months. Even the bottle is richer, a deep red with black daisies adorning the golden cap.

Daisy Marc Jacobs Pop Art Eau de Parfum is a limited edition remix on a familiar favorite. Deeper, richer, and decidedly more sophisticated than the original, this is a remix I will want to wear again and again. Look for it now, at your local Sephora.

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