Conair Xtreme Heat Hot Rollers

Those who have been longtime followers of K.B may recall, Fall Fashion Week back in February saw the return of hair texture in a major way. From teasing, to curls, to long, lustrous waves, hair became a mane attraction on runways everywhere.

During a hair trend presentation with the kind folks at Aveda, one trend expert heralded the benefits of using hot rollers towards gaining that perfect curl. Instantly curious, I set out on a quest to find the instrument to my own desire for perfectly curled tresses. Towards that goal, I have re-discovered Conair, and more specifically, the Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers.

Conair’s Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers kit features a set of 20 ceramic-infused rollers of variable sizes, complete with a medium sized box to house them all. The instructions are fairly simple, and obtaining the proper curl is really as easy as plugging the unit in, turning it on, waiting about 2 minutes for the rollers to heat up, and rolling your hair up in them.

I am a hair dummy, you all know this already. My primary fear in using these rollers was that they wouldn’t cut it in curling my hair, and that I would end up with frizzled, uneven curls despite even my best efforts. Well happily, that wasn’t the case. All I did was roll my strands up in the curlers, place the heated clips on top, and go about my business while the rollers cooled and my curls set. The process took me about twenty five minutes altogether the first go around, but I would imagine speedier results with more practice. The rings on the ends made sure I didn’t burn myself (or the house down) in the process, and the instructions left me well prepared to do the curling deed. Overall, I was incredibly pleased with the results. At a smaller pricetag than most curlers on the market, Conair’s hot rollers are quite the steal, if I do say so myself.

Conair Xtreme Heat Curlers in Action 4

Hair texture has made a comeback, and it looks like this trend is on its way to permanence.  For an easy way to get Barbie Doll curls and waves, Conair’s Xtreme Heat brings it quickly, and easily. To this hair dummy, these hot rollers feel like a gift from up above.

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