Be Delicious with DKNY

When it comes to scents, fragrance, and other tasty morsels, DKNY brings it all with Be Delicious. A classic scent that is at once crisp, refreshing, and as iconic to the line as the big apple the bottle is designed for, Be Delicious rocks the proverbial house.

Be Delicious FragranceHoused in an apple-shaped bottle, Be Delicious is fresh, fruity, and deliciously citrus. This is a scent for the hip, the fashionable, the fresh, and the lively. It goes without saying that I am already a huge fan.

DKNY Be Delicious is available in classic original, and in a fresher, livelier, more citrusy version that commemorates the scent’s five year anniversary. Look for both online at Sephora, or at a fragrance counter near.

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