Banning the Bulge with Dr Rey Shapewear

Bandage Dresses, Leggings, and Pencil Skirts- Oh My!

Besides being incredibly fashionable, flirty, and fun to wear, all of the above are also not exactly forgiving when it comes to showing off one’s body shape. To be quite honest with you all, anytime I wear any of the above, I worry that those around me can see what I had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… 2 years ago. Instead of feeling sleek, chic, and sophisticated, I end up feeling frumpy, bumpy, and lumpy.

For the sake of my own sanity, I am always looking for ways to give my appearance a boost. In fact, I make no secret of the fact that I turn to shapewear in my times of fashion need. This holiday party season, I am embracing Dr Rey’s Shapewear Collection with arms wide open.

Dr Rey Shapewear

Many know that Dr Rey is the star from the series Dr 90210, but what many of you might not know is that he has collaborated with Australian lingerie designer Bruno Schiavi to create a line of figure enhancing shapewear for the stylish woman. From slimming camis to control top briefs, Dr Rey’s Shapewear ensures that bulges become a thing of the past.

Being well versed in the ways of shapewear, I can safely assert that Dr Rey’s leads the pack. Every single item I have tried has performed, and performed well. My slight bulges are kept in check without squeezing the life out of me, and all the world sees is a sleek, svelte me. Clearly, I am on board with that.

Dr Rey Shapewear is currently available on HSN, and at your local Sears. From backfat to belly bulge, this shapewear is helping me navigate the holiday scene with confidence, and a sleek new outlook on fashion.

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