Holiday Gift Guide- iFrogz Nerve Pipes

While we are on the subject of amazing holiday beauty gifts, let us once again make a slight departure to talk about beautiful, technologically savvy gifts. Music and technology are both beautiful things that speak volumes about our personalities, so why not have a great looking set of headphones with just as much of a spark as we have? Enter iFrogz, and their customizable nervepipe headphones.

iFrogz in general has a great lineup of audio headphone options, for a great many number of audio devices from phones to ipods. As part of their customizable range, the NervePipes give you the option to create a set of headphones that is entirely your own, with both spunk and flare. From the pattern to the colors, you can literally have it your way.

The NervePipes themselves are light, compact, ultra-padded for comfort, and not at all bulky or obtrusive. At $34.99, they are also pretty affordable for the masses. Bottom line, they look great and sound great.

iFrogz Custom headphones are part of their full audio headgear lineup, and are available on the iFrogz website. With as much personality as a tour bus full of reality TV stars (but definitely not as volatile!), the Custom Nervepipes make a stylish holiday gift choice, indeed.

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