Deborah Lippmann All That Jazz Collection

Come on babe why don’t we paint the town?

…. and all that jazz
Dearest readers, allow me to take you all back to a time that we have visited many times before here on Krasey Beauty.

It is the 1930’s and the scene is a sultry, silky, dimly-lit smooth jazz club. Fashionable ladies and gents are seated in plush red velvet cushioned seats, cuddling close and whispering sweet nothings into their paramour’s ear. Others are leaning against the mahogany bar, chatting animatedly with polite company.

Spotlight focuses on our heroine, as she crooks her finger at a dapper gentleman passing by. The light reflects off of her delicate digits, which are adorned in a deep navy polish resplendent with silver sequins. Intrigued, our gentleman ventures over and strikes up a conversation.

This lady is at the height of fashion, and on her nails is a shade from Deborah Lippmann’s newest- All That Jazz Collection. A trio of gorgeous ultra-glittered polishes, All That Jazz has all the makings of nail polish greatness.

Razzle Dazzle is a darkened raspberry, a shade full of chunky burgundy glitter sequins.

Some Enchanted Evening is the demure shade of the bunch, a golden pink with pink sequins and glitter

Lady Sings the Blues is without a doubt my favorite shade in the bunch, a silver-sparkled blue.

In case you haven’t fully absorbed the hard evidence, allow me to reiterate that this collection as a whole is simply stunning. Celebrate the roaring twenties, and get yourself Deborah Lippmann’s All That Jazz Collection Today.

Krasey Rating: A trio of must-have glitter-sequined polishes: A

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