Close Encounters of the Luxury Kind- Givenchy Holiday

Imagine yourself in the following scenario. It is mid-December, and you find yourself knee-deep in the festivities of  the holiday season. It is midnight, and you are heading back to your Upper West Side apartment after attending a fabulous fete with friends. You are rather tired, so you decide to cut through Central Park in order to get to your destination faster. About halfway through your journey, you look up and see a shadow pass the moon. You continue to walk, and not even two minutes later, you begin to hear a whirring sound. You look up, confronted with the sight of a flying disc the size of a 747 plane. This can’t be happening to rational you, you must have had one too many.  Alarmed, you quickly look around, only to find that you are the person in site. Uh Oh.

Said flying disc descends upon the park, not 300 feet from you, and soundlessly touches the ground. Frozen in place, you watch as a  portal opens, and you are instantly greeted by this:

You don’t know whether to laugh or run away in fear. It seems that a very familiar being that is not of this world has entered the scene. She slowly approaches, with three cases in her hands. She immediately apologizes for the fright, and then goes on to explain that her intent is to exhibit a plethora of goodies that she has come across in her travels. While she found those items in a place called Sephora, she is fully convinced that these items are so luxe, so beautiful, that they might not even be of this world.

She pulls out box number one, revealing 3 items from Givenchy. You feel a certain level of excitement, for you know and love the brand well. You go through the selections, oohing and ahhing along the way.

Givenchy Holiday Collection Rouge Interdit

Givenchy Holiday Collection Rouge Interdit

You pick up the Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in Absolutely Irresistable Red, admiring the sleek, engraved silver tube. You pull on the delicate ribbon, to reveal what may possibly be the most gorgeous shade of deep red that you have seen in quite some time. You immediately go to try it on, and marvel at how lush and creamy it feels.

Givenchy Holiday Collection Rouge Interdit

Givenchy Holiday Collection Rouge Interdit
Vintage Carmine

Givenchy Holiday Collection Le Prisme Shadow

You reach for the next item in the box, Le Prisme Unique Eyeshadow – Iridescent Finish in Vintage Silver. Opening the cube reveals a splatter painted powder palette of iridescent silver and black, which are every bit as smooth and buttery as any Givenchy shadow that you have ever come into contact with. The shades are somewhat sheer on first swatch, but can happily be built and intensified to your hearts content.

Givenchy Holiday Collection Le Prisme Compact

Givenchy Holiday Collection Le Prisme

Givenchy Holiday Collection Le Prisme Sparkling Powder

Last, but most certainly not least, you pull out a large, patent leather bound cube, engraved with the four signature Givenchy G’s. Opening it reveals four quadrants of shimmering, iridescent, ethereal pink powder, designed to highlight with a kiss of sparkle. Beneath the powders is a pink powder brush to match.

Givenchy Holiday Collection Le Prisme Sparkling Powder

Givenchy Holiday Collection Le Prisme Face

Givenchy Holiday Collection Le Prisme Sparkle Face Powder

Givenchy Holiday Collection Le Prisme Face Compact

You reverently put the items back into the box, immediately seeing how our extra-terrestrial friend might have mistaken these for something from another planet. The Givenchy holiday collection is a gorgeous addition to any luxury lover’s collection, with items that are as stunning to display as they are to use. Givenchy Holiday is available exclusively at Sephora.

Close encounters of the luxury kind is a series featuring those very special high-end beauty items that send lovers of all things luxe into a tizzy. These are the lavish products that are so beautiful, they just might be other-worldly.

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