Calvin Klein Fragrance- Beauty

Calvin Klein is a rather iconic name in the fragrance world, is it not? I remember being a bright-eyed adolescent in the 90’s, looking for ways to smell even more amazing than I already did (as an aside, the scent I wore was a mixture of fresh laundry and Pantene hair products). At the time, I immediately gravitated towards CKOne, it all of its unisex-scented, frosty bottled goodness.

Since then, I have discovered many new fragrance houses and brands, all the while putting my love for the CK on the backburner. Wouldn’t you know that it would slowly come creeping back now with the addition of their newest scent? New to the Calvin Klein Fragrance family, Beauty has quietly come into my life, making a lasting impression. The scent is pure strength, femininity, sophistication, and sensuality. A lovely combination indeed.

Beauty evokes images of the poised, confident, sophisticated woman. She is a woman who wears her confidence like a cloak, a woman that is both genteel and assertive. A woman very much like the spokeswoman for the scent, Diane Kruger.

The scent itself revolves around the Lily, which provides a soft, powdery, floral burst on first spray. Ambrette seeds afford a warm, spicy quality that radiates throughout wear. At the base of the scent are notes of Jasmine and Cedarwood, which dance together to create a warm, creamy, dreamy kind of aroma. Beauty is distinctly warm, making it perfect for those colder months when a gal can use all the heat she can get.

Calvin Klein’s Beauty is a striking fragrance through and through, perfect for the modern, sophisticated woman. It goes without saying that as much as adolescent Adina loved CK One, that is how much adult Adina loves Beauty.

Beauty is available both at Sephora, and at a fragrance counter near you.

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