A Very Ellis Faas Holiday

Dear readers, there is a special place in my heart for Ellis Faas Cosmetics, somewhere in the right right ventricle in case you were wondering.

I didn’t think it quite possible, but my heart has expanded with even more love for the brand as I have been introduced to Ellis’ newest eye product- Light. Housed in her classic bullet-styled pen, Light is a creamy eye product that delivers intense shine, coupled with a boatload of pigment power.

The two shades that I had a play with are 303 and 305, an intense copper and metallic blue/brown/green hybrid respectively. Both are flat-out stunning, but I think I have a soft spot for 305 with its special kind of shade complexity that both delights and intrigues.


Based on several lackluster experiences with other brand’s metallic eye products, I did reserve a small amount of skepticism before eagerly diving into these new creams. While shimmers, creams, and metals do have the tendency to migrate on my not normally crease-prone lids, the Ellis Light pens do.not.budge, and in fact require the aid of an oil based remover to remove. What that means is that I can happily wear these all day, without having to worry about the intense shades traveling to other areas of my face- like my nose. Count me a HUGE fan.

Swatches (in several different light/angle situations):

Krasey Rating: Creamy, intense, long-wearing metallic perfection. A

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips

Oh! While we are on the subject of Ellis Faas, allow me to mention another addition to my Ellis Collection- the signature Ellis Red lipstick. Perfect for the holiday and winter season, this Creamy, rich, and full of pigment, this is a red lipstick to covet, attain, and adore.

Ellis Red Cream Lipstick Swatch

Ellis Faas Red Lipstick Swatch

Krasey Rating, A luscious, rich, creamy red for the holidays. A

And thus my love affair with Ellis Faas cosmetics continues. Beauties, see the light by visiting the Ellis Faas website, or Bergdorf Goodman today.

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