Tarte Fall- Random Acts of Swatching

Tarte Emphaseyes

It is time for another edition of Random Acts of Swatching, and once again we are visiting that all-natural wonder, Tarte Cosmetics. In celebration of ten years of fabulous, they have released a huge collection with brand new products to titillate our faces and delight our aesthetic sensibilities. Let’s discuss both a hit and a miss, shall we?

Tarte Eyeliners

EmphasEyes is a new type of liner from Tarte- gel in a pencil form. The liners virtually glide onto my lids with the greatest of ease, sans skipping and tugging. The colors apply both true and opaque, steadfastly vibrant while on my lids all day. Unfortunately, my waterline is a different story, as these didn’t last past the hour there.

Tarte Lipsurgence Emphaseyes Swatches

Krasey Rating: Great for easy application of vibrant color, but not quite durable enough. C+

Tarte Lipsurgence

You have all heard that matte lipstick is in again, right? That in mind, Lipsurgence is a quick and easy way to achieve the matte lip look with minimal effort. These chubby pencils provide longwearing, matte lip color that will last all the live long day. They are faintly mint scented, and do no feather or peel as wear progresses. I actually really love these, almost as much as my holy grail for matte lips- NARS matte velvet.

Tarte Lipsurgence Lucky

Tarte Lipsurgence Exposed

Tarte Lipsurgence Envy

Tarte Exposed Lip Swatched
Tarte Envy Lip Swatched

Tarte Lucky Lip Swatched

Krasey Rating: For a long-lasting, non-drying matte lip that lasts, these rock B+

Tarte for fall is already available both online, and in stores. Stay tuned for more random acts of swatching, coming sooner than you think.

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