MAC Venomous Villains on Trial- Part 2: Dr Facilier

Venomous Villains on Trial- Part 2: Dr Facilier

Our next defendant enters the witness box, a tall, reed-thin kind of character with Slick Black Hair.

Slick Black

Sir, can you please state your name and profession?

Certainly. The name is Dr Facilier, and I am a voodoo doctor, straight out of the French Quarter.

French Quarter Greasepaint

From your appearance, I am sure many consider you to be quite Brash and Bold.

Brash & Bold Pigment

While I wouldn’t exactly say that I am brash, I will go so far as to call myself bold. In fact, folks find me to be rather dashing. With just a bow and a nod of my Melon, all the ladies and gents trust their dreams to me.

Melon Pigment.

And Dr Facilier, would you describe yourself as one who is frequently known to Push the Edge?

Push the Edge Pigment

Well sure, I think we all do that some of the time. For the most part though, I am a model citizen. A paragon and veritable virtuoso full of Truth and Light.

Truth and Light Powder

State your relationship to Prince Naveen.

Oh, that rich boy? He came into my neighborhood like he was living the Resort Life, all hoity-toity with that butler of his. He needed to be taught a lesson.

Resort Life Lip Gelee

And you took it upon yourself to teach him that lesson? Did you, or did you not turn Prince Naveen into a frog?

The Cajun doctor clammed up, as the prosecutor had him cornered…

Cajun Powder

Stay tuned for part 2 of the trials. In the meantime, do check out the Venomous Villains collection, available both online and in stores.

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