MAC Venomous Villains on Trial- Part 1: Cruella De Vil

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, we are gathered here today to pay witness to the trial of the century! Four notorious Disney Villains, put on trial by the heroes and heroines they wronged. What will be the outcome? Read on to find out.

Venomous Villains on Trial- Part 1: Cruella De Vil

A hush falls upon the audience as the defendants enter the room. First on the stand we have the mistress of mean and enemy of Dalmatians everywhere, Miss Cruella De Vil. The defendant settles into the witness stand, a haughty look on her sculpted face. Wearing a white mink coat, her hair striped white and Carbon, she is quite a sight. Her beady eyes dart to and fro as the prosecutor approaches…

Carbon Eyeshadow

Miss De Vil, please state your name and occupation for the Jury.

My name is Cruella, dahling. Cruella De Vil of the London De Vils. Many say that I am Devilishly Stylish, though I suppose, and I would be inclined to agree with them, as I am a fashion designer.

Devilishly Stylish Lipglass

Miss De Vil, how would you describe yourself, in your own words?

Well, many call me Heartless, but I would say that I am clearly misunderstood. I am a kitten, an angel, and terribly kind.

Heartless Lipstick

Describe your feelings regarding the Darling’s Dalmation pups.

Darling, I adore them! All I really want in this world is to experience the Sweet Joy of cuddling with adorable Dalmation puppies, especially that their fur is oh so soft, and oh so perfect for capes… err petting.

Sweet Joy Eyeshadow

So you admit that you covet their fur?!

Yes, I mean no! I mean… You are twisting my words, and rather Darkly my Dear

Darkly My Dear Blush

I am not convinced. Ladies and Gentlemen, Cruella is clearly a woman who follows Her Own Devices.

Her Own Devices Beauty Powder

Caught puppy-napping, it is clear she will never abandon her Wicked Ways

Wicked Ways Lipglass

And while she would have you think she is full of Innocence, Beware! Do not be fooled

Innocence, Beware

For Miss De-Vil is clearly guilty.

De-Vil Eyeshadow

Cruella steps off the stand to await her fate.

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  • October 5, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    Love it 🙂

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    Nunu, thank you! <3

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    Brilliantly done! Hats off to you!! 🙂

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    Kiwi, thank you so much!! 😀

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    Hello! I’m looking for a great powder and I just loved this collection! Do you know which color looks like CP11 (true beige) from NYX *twin cake powder* please? Thanks 😉

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    Diana, I am not that familiar with the NYX powder range. If you could describe your skintone in more detail, I can definitely try to help!

  • January 4, 2011 at 6:49 pm

    This was so witty 🙂 I loved it!

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    Serena, you are too kind. Thank you! 🙂

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