Vibrastrait by Sam Brocato

It’s that time again boys and girl’s. In today’s post, we revisit our hair anxiety ridden damsel, to see which follicular contraption she currently adores.

Last time our maiden peeked into the looking glass, she saw smooth, glistening, dream-worthy locks just begging to be noticed. Not only did she love the results she got with her heat-tools of choice, but she also received countless compliments on her ‘do.

But alas, our maiden is both fickle and indecisive, constantly changing her mind about what she is looking for in both a style, and that perfect styler. She has decided that she wants the same amazing results as previously mentioned, but in half the time. Feeling experimental that morning, she reached for her newest gadget- the Vibrastrait by Sam Brocato. She was short and time, and decided that it was just the right moment to take the oscillating ceramic flat iron for a whirl.

Brocato Vibrastrait

As soon as she plugged that iron into the electrical socket, she was amazed to see the visible temperature-reading climb high, and climb fast. She set the temperature to her usual 350, and waited all of 30 seconds for her iron to get as hot as she liked it. After pressing the power button a second time -activating the oscillating plate action, she got to work, incredibly pleased to feel the iron began vibrate every time the plates touched. It’s the little things that keep her happy, you see.

Brocato Vibrastrait Iron

Best of all, our damsel reveled in the fact that the iron not only passed through her hair both quickly and easily, but that her locks were left lustrous, shining, and pin-straight afterward. In all of 15 minutes, her hair was shined, sealed, and delivered. Color her delighted, and consider her hugely impressed!

The Brocato Vibrastrait hair flatiron is our damsel’s newest obsession. It is currently available online at the newly launched Sam Brocato e-boutique.

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