Perfection is Possible with the Temptu AIRbrush System

Perfection is possible, and I have proof! Ushering this beauty junkie into the technological age, the revolutionary Temptu AIRbrush makeup system has given my foundation routine and my complexion a new and special kind of life. With streamlining and flawless skin in mind, AIRbrush is pure, unadulterated, foundation love.

Temptu System
Temptu System

Let’s get to all those nitty gritty pretty details, shall we? The system comes with all of the goodies that you see below: the compressor, stylus, and airpod caddy. Unlike other airbrush systems out there, the Temptu system caters to pre-loaded foundation/blush/highlighter pods. There is no need to load the stylus dropper style as with traditional airbrush units, and loading/use is quick, easy, and sanitary. With the pods, I can easily switch from foundation, to blush, to bronzer, and back again.

The party begins with the loading of the foundation airpod cartridge. Temptu offers a slew of shades to suit all skin tones, and even has a handy matching guide on their site here. I am Shade 3, Warm Ivory, in case you were wondering. After removing the sticker and popping off the lid, I poke a hole into the valve to get the solution going, and  proceed to slide and snap the pod into place.

Bases Airpod loaded, I set the dial on the compressor to the level of coverage I want, and get ready for the fun to begin. After pressing the power button, I aim the stylus about 8 inches from my face, and pull the trigger, so to speak, applying the foundation in a circular motion all over my visage. That done in all of three minutes, I run the stylus over my face in the same circular motion sans trigger pushing, to allow the airflow to ensure that the coverage is as even as possible. After a single pass, I am left to judge if and where I need additional coverage. Thumbs up for the coverage, and in 5 minutes no less!

The formula and finish is not like anything I have used before. The foundation is dewy, but not overly so. Sticky enough to adhere to even the oiliest skin, but not so much that wear is uncomfortable, or even felt. The coverage is completely buildable from sheer to heavy, and depends on the setting the compressor is turned to, and the number of times I pass the spray over my face. Best of all, it looks completely natural, a must in a good foundation.

I am convinced, the Temptu Airflash is a pretty wonderful thing, indeed, In fact, I love my system so much that I wrote it a little poem.

From flawed to flawless

Errant to even

Temptu yields results everyone I believe in

With the pop of a cartridge

And a stylus to spray

My foundation will never be led astray

My complexion does sparkle

With vibrancy and glee

Perfection is possible

That’s easy to see

For this less-than-perfect complexion, The Temptu AIRbrush system feels like a gift from the cosmetic gods above. In less than five minutes, I can go from flawed to seamless, dull to dewy. To get in on the airbrushing action, be sure to check out the AIRbrush Makeup System, exclusive to Sephora and Temptu. Oh, and stay tuned for more on Temptu, coming soon.

Krasey Rating: An easy way to get a flawless, dewy complexion, and fast! A

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