Fashion Week- My Survival Essentials

Before you all feel the urge to chuck rotten fruit at me, let me go ahead and say that this is my last post on fashion week, I promise!

I feel incredibly honored and privileged to have been in such amazing company, doing such wonderful things for the full span of fashion week. That being said, I am not above admitting that there were certain products that became an absolute necessity during those crazy times. Without further adieu, my fashion week survival must-haves.

HTC Aria

I am just going to come out and make this statement: HTC phones rock my pink and purple socks. The Droid Incredible first shook my technological world way back in May, and now the HTC Aria has become my fashion week b.f.f. Sleek, fast, and most importantly- stylish, the Aria never left my side, and never let me down in those snap- dash fash moments. AT&T users, you NEED this phone.

Miss Oops Boob Tube

One true fact about my existence is that my cups runneth over with feminine bounty. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exactly make for many demure clothing options in a pinch. Therefore, when reaching for my various cleavage-enhancing tops, I now also reach for my handy dandy boob tubes by Miss Oops. The name may be cheeky, but its function makes it a gem for this voluptuous gal. A tube top of sorts, the Boob Tube eliminates the need for pins, tape, and abject embarrassment due to accidental cleavage overload.

Samsung Dual View TL 220 Camera

As you can probably tell, fashion week is really just a seven day photo opp for both myself, and those special people in my life. When beautiful scenery and people are everywhere, and where being a reporter means that you are ready to snap a pic at the drop of a hat, small and effective become the operative words. While I adore my Canon Rebel T2i DSLR, there is just no room in my bag to carry it everyday. Enter the Samsung Dual View TL 220, a small, sleek, point and shoot camera with a little something extra. By extra, I mean a front facing capture screen that allows you to see yourself as you take pictures of yourself, friends included. With the TL220, those classic myspace-esque pics have never been easier to capture.

Relax Missy Foldable Flats

I have written about these before, but they definitely deserve another mention here on K.B. The foldable flats from Relax Missy carried me through many a backstage, and also through Fashion’s Night Out in style. The comfy, portable flats earned me many a compliment, while saving me from blisters and unrelenting foot pain. Relax Missy flats are a total shoe WIN.

And there you have it, my fashion week (and lifestyle!) musts. What are some products that you have recently discovered that have rocked your world?

One thought on “Fashion Week- My Survival Essentials

  • September 27, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    OH MY GOD!!!!! The flats Adina these would be great for travel thanks for the link girl!

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