Cuba Libre- OPI for Sephora Collection

Libre love, libre us
Take me to the place where we can be
Cuba Libre be my love tonight

-Aqua, Cuba Libre

Sephora for OPI

Channeling a very distinct Cuban flavor, the Havana Dreams Nail Polish Collection by O.P.I for Sephora is making sure that summer goes out with a bang, and a bright, vibrant color party for digits and toes alike! Grab your maracas, and sing with me to the tune of this new collection.

Sephora OPI Polishes

OPI Caliente Coral

Caliente Coral is a vibrant, deep shade of orange cream that applies with medium thickness and opaque color in just two coats. This my friends is a shade meant for a late summer pedicure.

OPI Caliente Coral Swatch

Sephora for OPI Caliente Coral Swatched

Krasey Rating: B

OPI Havana Dreams

Havana Dreams is a cool, creamy pastel blue. Of the tree shades, this was the most difficult to apply, a bit too thick in consistency to yield an even coat in just two swipes. Below is three coats

Sephora OPI Havana Dreams Swatch

Sephora OPI Havana Dreams Swatched

Krasey Rating: B-

OPI Caribbean Cocktail

Caribbean Cocktail is a cool metallic blue with tons of silver microglitter. With it’s unique shade, and optimal viscosity, this is my favorite in the bunch. It can be anything from sheer to buildable, below being four glorious coats worth.

OPI Caribbean Cocktail Swatch

OPI Caribbean Cocktail Swatch

Krasey Rating: A

The O.P.I for Sephora Havana Dreams collection is currently available both online, and in stores. For a summer polish fiesta, look no further than to these punchy shades that pop.

2 thoughts on “Cuba Libre- OPI for Sephora Collection

  • September 3, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    didn’t these come out a few months ago in may or june? the collection for fall the rockstar chic one. i enjoyed the caliente coral though, wore it most of the summer. although now, i’m ready for fall! 🙂 do you have swatches of the newer polishes?

  • September 5, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Hello Kate. You are correct, these polishes did come out early summer. Stay tuned for more information on the fall collection. 🙂

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