Beauty Bento Box- Temptu AIRpods

Because woman cannot subsist on airbrushed perfection via foundation alone, Temptu’s revolutionary makeup airpods provide the perfect beauty snacks to go with that perfect foundation entrée being served up. With the goal of taking airbrushing to the next level, I took the rest of the airpods on a bit of a test-drive. Read on to see them in action!

These are our game-changers:

Airpod Blush in 404 Sheer Berry, a soft rosy pink turned berry.

Airpod Highlight in 301 Champagne, a shimmering pale golden beige

Airpod Highlight in 303, Bronze, a soft metallic

In action, here is a step by step diagram, going from no makeup at all => just eyes =>  eyes + foundation => Eyes+ Foundation+Bronze =>Eyes + Foundation + Bronze + Blush => Eyes + Foundation + Bronze + Blush + Highlighter

Temptu AIRbrush Beauty Step by Step

And a close up of the full skin makeup in action

Thanks to the full Temptu AIRbrush system and accessory pods, airbrushed perfection is now a part of my daily self-descriptive vernacular. The perfect complement to the foundation, airpod blush, bronzer, and highlight are the tasty morsels to the base main course. Look for these alongside the rest of the Temptu line both online, and at your local Sephora.

Krasey Rating: The perfect compliment to the perfect airbrush system. A

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