Backstage at New York Fashion Week- Park Choo Moon

Acclaimed make up artist Kabuki served as key artist for the Park Choon Moo Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Kabuki wanted to create a look that was light, airy and unexpected. The make up was muted to complement the clothes. In his own words, the look was ‘light, airy, and unexpected. Unusually beautiful, like a sea horse.”

Complexion & Cheeks: Kabuki first used HD Invisible Cover Foundation to create a flawless canvas. Then to create a pale complexion, the entire face was dusted with MAKE UP FOR EVER Super Matte Loose Powder #0.

Eyes: Kabuki decided to give the eyes a more avant-garde look, so he first applied sections of MAKE UP FOR EVER Faux Lash #156 and curled the top lash line so it pointed upward. He then combed MAKE UP FOR EVER Wet Make Up #0 in white through the lashes to give them a “white out” effect. Kabuki also muted the eyebrows by combing MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Concealer through the brows to give them an almost invisible look.

Lips: The look was completed with the perfect beige mouth using MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist #22.

The hair team was led by Laurent Philippon for Bumble and Bumble. Laurent created a look inspired by 1990’s minimalism, structured, but not overly so. Hair was parted down the side, one section slicked down with styling cream, while the other was curled and then tousled, for an easy-going type of vibe.

Finally, nails were clear, oval-pointed acrylic stick-ons.

Thoughts on this avant-garde look? Do share!

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