Aveda Tweetup

So what happens when a bunch of beauty editors get together at Aveda’s Lifestyle Salon on the first day of fashion week?

Why, massages, makeup touchups, and killer blowouts, of course!

That’s right, bellas. In what ended up being a precious exercise in self-indulgence, I had the opportunity to relax and unwind, completely entrusting my mane to the amazing Joey at Aveda’s Lifestyle Salon.

A little under an hour later, I was left feeling like a million bucks, and with va-va-va voom hair to boot! Joey promised a sexy blowout, and man did he deliver! Naturally, I felt the need to strut my stuff for the camera.

Joey and I then had a serious discussion about Jew Fros and the pitfalls of managing them.

We then posed for this picture.

Naturally, I was then joined by my gorgeous hair twin Reese of Fashion Style Beauty, for an impromptu glam photo session.

Thanks to Joey and the Aveda Lifestyle Salon, my fashion week got off to a pretty glamorous start. Stay tuned for more on the amazing products used to get the look, coming soon.

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